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Top gk questions: In this article, we will discuss top gk questions in English for the upcoming competitive exam. General Knowledge is an important facet of your personality and helps you win at almost everything in everyday life. The general studies section plays a prominent role in getting success. General Knowledge is considered to be high-scoring in any competitive exam.

Is GK Important in Life?

GK is one such section that comes in almost every competitive exam. It is the most important subject for every aspirant who is preparing for competitive exams. It gives the students a chance to enhance their knowledge of various national and international events of the world.

For success in competitive exams, GK Questions is a major problem at present, the syllabus included in almost all the employment examinations at the central level including the state has undergone a change in the type of questions, i.e. all the examination papers have been changed to multiple choice questions answers form. In order to achieve success in the examination, students have to follow the right path of study and practice in order to answer the question paper correctly. Because multiple answers to any question in the examination center creates great confusion for the examinees to answer correctly.

top 10 general knowledge

Keeping the above confusion of the examinees in mind, I have written a reliable article for the students in all subject-wise separate questions and answers. Hope this article will become very useful for the examinees. This article has been prepared to keep in mind the examination related to government examination.

Top gk questions


:- Rice crop is sown on the largest area in India


:- Loo

:-Sodium metal that can be easily cut with a knife.


:-World Health Day is observed on 7th April


:- Nichrome wire has very high resistivity and melting point

:- Pakistan is situated on the western side of India


:-China is located on the north side of India


:- A diode is called a valve because a unidirectional current flow is always available from the diode.


:- Chukha Hydroelectric Station is located in Bhutan

:-Selenium metal


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Keep a notebook in your handwriting. Write short notes, 1-2 liners for examination point of view.

Studying GK questions increases your knowledge in different dimensions. Be it history, current affairs, or any other subject, when you know the answers of different questions, you work on your foundation.



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